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Clone Widgets, Add Annotations & Goals, Secondary Dimensions, Undo-Redo & More!

We've just released a huge range of updates, giving you more options and a faster workflow!

You'll notice all of these wide-ranging improvements when editing your widgets, reports, and dashboards.

The changes include the ability to instantly switch between widget types and metrics, clone widgets, add annotations and goals directly to your data, undo/redo changes, save reports as you're creating them, and more. 

There's a lot to cover, so let's get straight into it. 

New Dashboard & Report Widget Features

The biggest updates relate to your dashboard and report widgets. We've overhauled our widget options, we've added some exciting new features, and we've made widget setup even faster. 

Clone Widgets 

First up, you can now instantly clone any widget

Simply click the ellipsis ("...") at the top right of a widget, and you'll see the clone option. 

Combined with our new widget options (outlined below), cloning will become your new go-to method for setting up multiple widgets from the same integration. 

New Widget Options 

We've added a lot of new widget settings, to give you a much more powerful way to edit your widgets. 

You can now easily change the widget type and metric directly within the widget's settings

Want to turn a line chart into a bar chart? Easy! Need to show bounce rate rather than click rate? Done. 

These new options let you instantly change how you display your data. In the past you'd need to add a new widget to make these changes, so this is a big step forward.

Use these quick widget settings alongside our new "clone widget" option, and you'll be able to set up dashboards and reports faster than ever! For example, you can clone a line chart showing sessions, then switch the metric to show goals. Repeat this to add all the data you need, and you'll be saving even more time with your client reporting.

Add Annotations & Goals To Charts

We're super excited to release this new feature: You can now add annotations and goals to your line charts and date-based column charts!

Just open a widget's settings and you'll see options to add annotations and goals whenever this is available (in all date-based line and column charts).

Once you've added them, the widget will automatically show those goals and annotations (and yes, you can even use emojis!).

This update opens a whole new world to your reporting, giving you the ability to highlight important information directly within your charts. You can tell stories with your data, and ensure clients are noticing your agency's achievements. 

Let's take a closer look at both annotations and goals.


Annotations allow you to add notes to your charts. All annotations are based on a date; you'll set the exact date for your note to appear, and add your message. 

Annotations are extremely handy to point out specific changes to clients. Here are just a few ideas of how you can implement them in your reporting:

  • Show when your on-site updates started improving organic traffic

  • Point out where conversions were driven by your social posts or ads

  • Indicate algorithm changes affecting your client's organic rankings

  • Highlight an all-time record for web traffic or conversions

You can add multiple annotations to any chart, to easily convey messages with your data.


Along with annotations, you can also add goals to your charts.

Goals are shown as a dotted line and text, to represent the target(s) you want to hit or a baseline you want to compare against. All you'll need to do is open the widget's settings, then enter your goal details. 

Combined, our new goals and annotations allow you to do more with your data than ever before. See our knowledgebase article for more information on how to add annotations and goals.

Remember that you can also add textbox widgets to any report. Textboxes are perfect for adding lengthy notes, definitions, hyperlinks, or images to accompany your data. If you can't get your message across with a goal or annotation, then add a textbox widget next to your chart.

Secondary Widget Dimensions 

Where available, you can now easily toggle secondary dimensions for widgets, allowing you to break down your data even further. Secondary dimensions put multiple lines on a line chart, so you can visualize data in new ways. 

For example, you can toggle a breakdown of bounce rates by device, conversion rates by age, or users by gender.

You'll see the option to toggle a secondary dimension in your widget's settings if this is available. We're planning to roll out other secondary dimensions in the future, so stay tuned for more to come.

Re-Order Table Widget Columns 

You can now re-order columns in any table on a custom dashboard or report. This allows you to put your most important columns exactly where they need to be, to make your client reports easy to understand.

Just open the widget settings, and drag the metrics into the order you need. You'll also notice a handy search box and drop-down, to see all available metrics for your table widget. 

These Widget Updates Are Just The Beginning!

You'll notice small changes with all widgets, and some of the above changes will only apply to certain integrations, metrics, and widget types. However, this is all just the first iteration of what is coming with AgencyAnalytics.

Something you won't notice are the backend enhancements that our development team have been working on. We're very busy building a stronger agency platform, to pave the way for even more exciting updates similar to the ones I've covered above. 

We'll be taking everything even further in the future, to ensure we're always giving agencies the best possible tools for their client reporting. 

Report & Dashboard UI Updates

Your widgets aren't the only things getting an overhaul. We've also added two small new features to help your report and dashboard creation.

Undo & Redo Options  

If you've made a mistake or want to revert back a few steps, you can now easily do so! When editing reports and custom dashboards, you'll see "undo" and "redo" buttons at the top of the screen. 

Save Reports Without Exiting

If you're someone who likes to save your work often, this one is for you. You can now save a report as you're editing it (without needing to close the report). 

Just choose "Save and Continue" from the drop-down options at the top right of the report editor. 

That's A Wrap!

We hope you're as excited about these updates as we are!

If you have any comments or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact our team. We love to chat, and we love hearing your thoughts.

Written by

Matthew Davis

Matt brings over a decade of experience managing customer-facing teams, projects, and research across a wide range of industries. He now leads the customer support and customer success departments within AgencyAnalytics.

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