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White Label Reporting Software Every Growing Agency Needs

White labeled marketing report example

Imagine being a client receiving two SEO reports. The first is a professionally white labeled SEO report with a clear, strong brand, front and center. The other contains the same data but no branding. Which do you think would have more authority? Which one would you trust more, even if the data was essentially the same?

If you aren’t white labeling your marketing dashboards and client reports yet, you're missing out on a powerful branding tool that makes your agency stand out.

The nature of white labeling is simple: a personalized experience with little button-pushing. The premise? Effective branding. Scalable personalization. Customer retention.

Come along as we look at the best ways to leverage the white labeling features in AgencyAnalytics’ streamlined client reporting solutions.

This article covers:

Complete White Labeled Reporting Software for Agencies 

It’s no doubt that marketing is a competitive field. And when promoting your digital agency, having to continually differentiate yourself online from competitors in new and innovative ways.

One of the biggest challenges is reaching new clients to showcase our work and expertise in a way that differentiates us from the thousands of digital marketing firms out there, many of which are just a guy with a laptop. Clients are so inundated with calls and emails from our industry, it’s hard for our clients to know who they can trust. - Lane Rizzardini, Co-Owner of Marion Relationship Marketing  

Agencies need tools that help them convey trust and authority–especially when there are lots of self-named “experts” out there claiming to solve all their clients’ problems without any data backing up their claims.

A white labeled client reporting platform solves that and more. First, you have client data taken from your choice of 70+ platforms and combined into a unified view of their marketing campaigns. And second, when the competition is high, your agency’s brand is kept top of mind with every success you deliver. 

AgencyAnalytics is built for agencies, offering complete white label customizations you need to put your best foot forward. The white labeling reporting software gives you everything to call the platform your own. From adding your branding to every dashboard and report–and even hosting them on custom domains–your agency creates a seamless branded experience for your clients. 

The white label looks like my company designed the platform! - Charles Montgomery, Strategy Consultant at Northwest eSource

Find out how to add your white labeling to your AgencyAnalytics platform here.  

The following section will highlight what’s included in each AgencyAnalytics pricing plan and answer some most common questions.

A Walkthrough AgencyAnalytics’ White Label Features

It’s a good idea to make the platform your own from Day 1. Even if you’re just getting started with AgencyAnalytics, one of the first recommended steps is to add your agency’s white labeling, including:  

  1. Upload your agency’s logo and the icon (favicon) for web browsers

  2. Select your user interface colors 

  3. Choose a custom URL 

Once you apply your brand logo and colors at the account level (on the Freelancer plan) and the campaign level (on Agency and Enterprise plans), those automatically apply to your dashboards and reports. Taking these few simple steps can make a huge difference to the impact of your client reports. 

  • Having customized reports give your agency a more professional appearance

  • Your agency is seen as more expert and trustworthy when you provide clients with detailed reports that show you understand their business

Here’s a summary of what’s included in each plan. 

White Label Feature

Freelancer Plan

Agency Plan

Enterprise Plan

Custom logo

Custom brand colors

Access to the branded mobile app

Custom subdomain


Custom domain 

Multiple white label profiles (separate logos & color schemes)


Custom email domains


*Custom subdomains are available on all Freelancer Plans. i.e. Custom subdomains or custom domains (preferred by growing agencies) are available on the Agency Plans and Enterprise Plans. i.e. 

While the standard white labeling options are available to all AgencyAnalytics users, some premium white labeling features are available on the higher tiers. Find the right plan for your agency.

White Label FAQs Answered

Before committing to a new white label client reporting tool, agencies often wonder just how much is customizable. These common questions will help answer those important questions right off the bat. 

Can I white label each campaign differently?

Absolutely. On our Agency and Enterprise plans, multi-brand agencies can upload multiple logos and configure separate color schemes for each campaign. This is great for larger agencies that operate under more than one brand. 

Want a different brand for your Social Media agency versus your SEO agency? You can do that. Have offices in cities across the country? You can customize each campaign to match that local brand! 

The campaign-level branding automatically applies to your reports, custom dashboards, and widgets. However, you can also specify them at the dashboard level if you choose. 

For campaign-specific and account-wide white labeling, upload a different logo for each and use hex codes or a slider to select your exact color for the reporting platform. 

image of hex codes color picker and slider to select exact color for the reporting platform

These colors will be propagated throughout your account. As you see, this purple is now seen on the buttons and links on the custom dashboard window. 

custom dashboard color example

You guys have created an amazing product and you really believe in customer service. The simplicity of setup and white labeling of this product is bar none the best thing I have seen since 2007 for client reporting. We use it for three of our companies. - Dave Conklin, CEO at Conklin Media 

Can I host dashboards on a custom domain?

On the Freelancer plan, set a custom subdomain that reflects your marketing agency, such as’

On the Agency and Enterprise plans, host each of your client dashboards on a domain of your choice. 

Replace’ with a domain you create for each client. For instance, use’ and make it look like a part of your agency’s website. You can even embed your dashboards on your website.

This does take a bit of effort to set up the hosting records, but the professional and seamless experience is well worth it! 

Can I send reports directly from my agency’s email address?

On the Agency and Enterprise plans, you can! Change the ‘Sent From’ field to the email address of your agency. Turn the classic ‘’ to ‘’ with your custom name and domain. 

Can I create a custom login page?

Yes! By using AgencyAnalytics’ API, create your own custom login page on your agency’s website. This allows you to:

  • Connect to your existing website’s CRM software

  • Style your login area to match your exact design specifications

  • Change the way your clients log in and which page they land on

Find out more about how to create your own custom login page here. 

I’m not sure what our Hex codes are. Can AgencyAnalytics detect that?

If you don’t have the color code of your agency or client’s brand, use the color picker to find the exact match. 

Find out more about how to customize dashboard colors here. 

Do you have a mobile-friendly app?

Yes! Deliver uninterrupted white labeled analytics for your more hands-on clients. Provide them with user access to client-facing dashboards so they can impress their stakeholders and gain actionable insights on the go. 

Find out how to set up your mobile app here.

On the Agency and Enterprise plans, and with the help of an image editor, you can merge both logos into an aesthetically pleasing design. The multiple white label profile feature allows you to co-brand dashboards and reports with each client company. Find out more.

Have more questions about white labeling? View all White Labeling help docs here. 

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Now that we’ve explored the white labeling features on each plan type, let’s see them in action.

Use Cases: White Labeled Reports, Tools, and Dashboards

White labeling your reporting tool is an ideal way to reinforce your agency’s brand because your marketing reports are what your clients will be looking at both closely and regularly. White labeled dashboards give a more everyday view of your clients’ metrics, whereas white labeled reports provide authority and accountability for that period’s performance.

When white labeling reports and dashboards, it’s up to you whether you’d like to put your agency’s branding, your client’s branding, or a combination of both. Play around with the white label tools and features, and configure them in your account’s settings.

Let’s dive in!

White Label Marketing Dashboards

Configuring your brand colors is easy–both at the dashboard and campaign level, the steps are the same. Choose the exact hex color that matches your agency’s color palette, and select your primary, secondary, and accent colors.

white labeled marketing dashboard color selector example
  • The primary color is usually going to be your brand color. It is used for buttons, bars, and lines in charts, links in tables, and the active menu

  • The secondary color is for your header backgrounds

  • The accent color is used for header links and campaign pull-down menus 

With white labeled dashboards, easily change the color of individual widgets right at the dashboard level.

image showing the color selector for individual widgets

Below is an example of a white labeled dashboard with the following customizations:

  • Purple brand color (Primary color) 

  • Pink header background and citation flow widget (Secondary color) 

  • Purple header links and pull-down menus (Accent color) 

campaign-level white labeling options

Once you set up your main colors at the campaign or account level, they carry through all your dashboards unless you customize them individually. Some colors will remain consistent, such as the Red, Yellow, Green widgets on the SEO Site Audit tool. But the rest of the colors will adjust to match your agency branding.

Go another step and host your white labeled dashboards on a custom domain or subdomain with the white label URL function.

White Labeled Reports

A fully white labeled experience wouldn’t be complete without a branded client report. The white labeled settings you’ve selected at the campaign level also carry through to your client reports.

Automated report scheduling for marketing agencies

If you’ve opted to set your reporting on autopilot with automated reporting and want them sent out from a custom email, you can! On Agency plans and Enterprise plans, customize your report emails for a fully personalized experience.

White Label SEO Audit Tools

Imagine you’re trying to win a new client and are preparing an SEO proposal. Go to that next level and white label your full suite of SEO Audit tools by adding white labeling to the SEO proposal template to match your prospect’s–or your agency’s–brand. 

I can't recommend AgencyAnalytics enough. The platform is easy to use and simple to set up. AgencyAnalytics has provided a robust portal for our major marketing analytics to share with our clients. I love that we can white label the dashboard to create a branded experience for our clients. - Michael Anderson, CoFounder at Wonderist Agency

The white label rank tracker tool is also a great way to show off your agency’s skills, automate your reports and keep clients up to date–and on-brand–in a scalable way.

dashboard image of a white labeled rank tracker dashboard example


Check out the full suite of white label SEO tools and get those quick wins for your clients in no time. New to AgencyAnalytics? Try it free for 14 days!  


Want to give your clients the best agency experience and be a tool that’ll differentiate you from your competitors? White label your dashboards and reports. It’s a simple yet powerful solution to be part of your agency’s long-term success. 

Not sure where to begin? Try it out with a free 14-day trial and create a seamlessly branded agency experience.

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