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What’s New at AgencyAnalytics - March 2021

Time flies when you're having fun, and that's certainly the case here at AgencyAnalytics. As we approach the end of Q1, we've barely had the chance to take a look back at what has been happening!

Let's take a look back over the previous month at new integrations, features, faces, and webinars!

But First...Upcoming Webinar!

Our guest speaker, Jordan Snider, CTO & Co-Founder of Token Creative Services, shares his experience on the advantages of leading a remote agency. Join us on March 25 @ 1pm EST as we:

  • Hear firsthand from Jordan on how he has optimized his remote agency and encouraged growth in his business. 

  • Learn how AgencyAnalytics manages an international remote team. 

  • Share the one secret key metric to monitor and manage your agency's team's remote growth.

New Integrations

Google Analytics 4

Our most requested integration to date - Google Analytics 4! This hasn't replaced traditional Google Analytics in our platform, you can use both at once while you get up to speed with Google's new analytics tracking platform.

Check out our Complete Guide to Google Analytics 4 for Marketers! Upgrade

We upgraded our integration with, greatly increasing the granularity and number of metrics that you can report on - check out the update here!

Centro DSP & Centro Basis

We added two integrations at once, with Centro DSP & Centro Basis joining our list of PPC integrations.

Take a look at our release blog to see what you can do with these Centro integrations!

Google Sheets: Your Ultimate How-To Webinar

Our Customer Success team hosted a webinar, outlining the versatility of our Google Sheets integration. For information on setting up to more advanced features, such as embedding Sheets right in your dashboard, watch this on-demand webinar!  

New Faces

Shivain joined us at the end of February, working as a Frontend Engineer!

Originally from Dubai, Shivain moved to Canada without understanding the perils of winter, but stayed for Toronto’s culture. In his free time, he loves to cook and make cocktails as a hobby.  

A Look Ahead

New Template Preview

We're adding new functionality to the way you can preview our dashboard and report templates!

This will allow you to easily preview any template that you want to choose, before having to implement it in your dashboard!

Written by

Alex Girardi

Alex is in product marketing, pushing the great work from the engineering team out into the world. When he's not marketing, he's probably rock climbing or researching the latest eCommerce trends!

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