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We’ve Updated and Overhauled Our Report Editor!

Wow, guys. This one has been in the works for quite some time.

We first mentioned our plans for this overhaul nearly 18 months ago on our public roadmap. But as we dug in and realized what an important update this would be for our customers - and to the future of our platform - we knew that we had to get it right.

It's been in the pipeline for ages, and it's finally ready.

We're thrilled to announce the release of our brand new, modernized and re-imagined report editor!

Web performance marketing report

Check out this quick video walkthrough that covers the highlights:

We'll hit the highlights in "text" format in a moment, but first we'd like to invite you to join us on our exclusive online webcast tomorrow, where we'll cover the new report editor in detail.

Sign Up for Our Report Editor Launch Webcast

In this webcast, we'll go over:

  • The keys to success for client reporting

  • A deep-dive into our new report editor

  • How to create templates that clients engage with

The workshop takes place at 2pm EST, Thursday October 4th. We'll provide a recording as well for everyone who signs up. Here's the link to the registration page one more time.

So as promised, let's walk through a few of the most exciting changes that are included in this new release:

1) A brand new look and feel

The editor has been modernized to match current web 3.0 design standards. New reports are now created via a multi-step "wizard".

Create marketing report GIF

2) Widgets!!

This is arguably the most exciting change. You can now add any of the widgets available in the client marketing dashboards to our automated reports. Mix and match, and use widgets to build out custom report sections. Want to create an "Organic Overview" report section that includes data highlighting both Google Analytics and the rank tracking on a single page? Boom. Done!

Organic keywords overview

On that same note, you can now take advantage of the customization options (like colors and themes) available for widgets right within the report editor.

Edit marketing report

3) Live data

Your wish is our command! Our customers were never thrilled with the "redacted" data in the old report editor, and told us over and over that they needed the ability to see live data in the report previews. We've gotten rid of the redacted data altogether, and you can now choose from either "sample" data or real, honest-to-goodness live data pulled directly from your integrations.

Sample data AgencyAnalytics

4) Clone an existing report

It's easier than ever to create the exact report that you need in minutes. Create a report by cloning an existing report from either the same campaign, or a separate campaign.

Clone an existing report

5) Edit reports based off from templates

Holy wow! One of the biggest complaints about the old report editor was that reports created from templates were true clones of the template; they couldn't be customized or modified any further. Those days are gone! You can now customize reports that were created from a template just as you would any other report.

6) Create templates by cloning existing reports or copying other templates

Similar to those last two points, this should make it easier and faster than ever for our agency customers to roll out automated reporting at scale.

Report templates AgencyAnalytics

7) Quarterly scheduling

In addition to daily, weekly, and monthly automated reports, you can now choose a QUARTERLY scheduling option.

Schedule marketing report

8) Professionally designed, pre-configured report templates

The pre-configured report templates for our client marketing dashboards were such a success that we've now added pre-made templates for automated reports! If you're ever not sure where to start, choose from a variety of pre-made templates to lay the groundwork for a great report, and then customize further from there.

PPC report template table of contents

9) Updated Control Panel

In your root account dashboard view, tabs used to appear horizontally, like this:

LinkedIn Ads integration

With this update, we've moved the control panel tabs to the left.

Campaigns dashboard AgencyAnalytics

This provides a cleaner look and feel, as well as providing us with room to add additional tabs as new features are released in the future.

10) Bulk Updates

In response to popular demand, we've now made it possible to apply a report template in bulk to multiple reports at once. This feature should make it easier than ever to roll out more effective reports quickly and at scale.

Schedule a marketing report

The updated report editor is live now, so feel free to dig in as soon as you're ready!

And again, if you haven't yet, we HIGHLY encourage you to sign up for our reporting editor demo webcast tomorrow, where we'll be taking you through some reporting best practices and providing a detailed walk through of the new features. Even if you can't make the live workshop, everyone who signs up will automatically receive a recording to view at their leisure.

We are ridiculously excited about finally getting this bad boy launched, and we truly feel that these updates will be a game changer as far as helping our customers to provide effective reporting to their clients AT SCALE and in record time.

Teaser: These updates position us for some other major new feature releases that we think you'll be equally excited about over the coming months!


Finally, you might notice that the Knowledgebase hasn't been 100% updated yet to reflect the new functionality. As soon as the dust settles from this launch and the webcast tomorrow, the customer success team will be shifting gears to get those KB articles updated as our top priority.

General questions or comments? Don't hesitate to leave a comment below. Need help or ran into a bug with the new editor? Please reach out to our friendly support team at

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