Twitter Ads Reporting Tool

Clear and transparent visual Twitter Ad reports that your clients will look forward to seeing.

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Monitor Performance
Track successes, broken down by campaign, ad group, and ads.
Detailed Social Metrics
See which Tweets received retweets, follows, and more.
Proof of ROI
Show clients their cost per follower data.
Track Conversions
See how much it costs you to obtain desired results.

See Retweets, Follows, and advanced Twitter Ads metrics

Track Performance at a Glance

Create visual dashboards that show you and your clients exactly what you want to see. No more pulling data from various places. Dig into the data from each campaign, ad group, and ad and get as granular as you need to.

View the Twitter Ads Template
Track Performance at a Glance
Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available Twitter Ads Metrics

See all the metrics you can easily add to your client reports and marketing dashboards

Monitor your ads at ad-level, but filter them by campaign for ease

Filter Ads By Campaign or Ad Group

See which specific ad is performing the best in each campaign with easy ad-level campaign filtering. Filtering by campaign means that you can get granular without losing track of what exactly it is that you're looking at. With campaign filtering at the ad level, you don't need to look at a whole list of ads and decipher which campaign they belong to.

Filter Ads By Campaign or Ad Group

Evaluate which type of images do well at a glance

View Tweet Images

Your ad-level view will pull in each image associated with your promoted Tweet, meaning you can easily get a consensus on what type of image receives more interaction.

View Tweet Images

Schedule reports at a cadence that suits your clients

Automate Your Reporting

Monthly reporting doesn't need to take hours. Set up your dashboards with our one-click integrations, customize them to your clients' needs, choose among 5 conversion types, and never look back. Save hours every month and send your clients their reports, automatically!

Automate Your Reporting

Give clients round-the-clock access to their data

Live, 24/7 Dashboards

Some clients may have a burning desire to see how their campaign is doing at 1 a.m. To avoid any late night client calls, give clients a login to see their data at any time, in any place. Beautiful, custom, and bespoke dashboards right at their fingertips, whenever they need them.

Live, 24/7 Dashboards

Connect the Twitter Ads integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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