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New Table Widgets, Site Auditor Improvements & Other Updates

Our developers have been working hard lately. We've already released five new integrations this year, and we're still in January!

Do the devs need a holiday? I don't think so...

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This week we've got even more updates coming your way.

First up, you'll notice a brand new look to our tables, and (this is a big one) brand new table widgets available for custom dashboards and reports!

Second, we've improved the formula for our site audit scores, and added some other nice site auditor updates.

And third, we've made a few small changes to your campaign menus, to keep things neat and tidy.

As usual, read on for all of the details.

Brand New Tables & Table Widgets

We've brought our tables into 2020, with a completely revamped design and new widgets.

When viewing dashboards and reports, you'll notice that all of your tables look much nicer! Beyond this, quite a few customers have asked to add tables as widgets to their custom dashboards, so we've made it happen.

Normally you'd click through to each integration's dashboard to see in-depth table information. Now though, you can easily add any of those tables directly to a custom dashboard. Tables can be resized, colored, and edited to show the exact text, headings, or metrics you need!

Blog widgets dashboard

Site Auditor Improvements

Site Audit Score Updates

Two key site auditor features are our website scores and page scores.

site auditor score

These scores give you a straightforward method of checking and reporting on the overall health of each webpage and website. Lower scores mean bigger SEO problems: Fix those, and you can instantly show your value to clients by reporting improvements via these scores.

In some cases, our previous scoring formula was too forgiving. To improve this, we've updated our calculations to make it more aggressive.

Specifically, we've increased the effect that each critical issue, error, and warning will have on your scores, and we've changed the multiplier used when multiple issues are found on a page.

To keep your older site audits 100% comparable, we've applied this new formula to all previous site audits. This means you can still show clients your website improvements across time, and the comparisons will be accurate even when you're comparing against a previous site audit.

Additional Site Auditor Updates

Along with better site auditor scoring, we've now color-coded the gauge widgets and progress bars that show these scores: You'll see green if your score is above 74%, orange between 74% and 51%, and red if a score is 50% or lower.

blog site score

Also, our site auditor now shows the exact anchor text when we detect broken links (to help you quickly find and fix these problems), and it's now even better at checking HTTP to HTTPS redirects.

Campaign Menu Updates

As we're adding more integrations, it's easy for your menus to get cluttered.

Due to this, each campaign's left side menu is now collapsed by default. Previously, you could see every single possible tool and integration in that menu. Now, you'll just see the ones you've connected. If anything is missing from that menu, just head to your integrations dashboard and activate it!

The other campaign menu update relates to the names of your integrations. If you've integrated more than one platform under a specific area, those menu options will now contain the exact name of the integration you've connected. For example, we'd show "MailChimp" as a menu option, rather than generic text like "email".

Here's an example using our Local integrations:

Google My Business Sidebar

We've got some other exciting updates planned very soon, so stay tuned for more new features! Reach out to if you have any questions.

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Matthew Davis

Matt brings over a decade of experience managing customer-facing teams, projects, and research across a wide range of industries. He now leads the customer support and customer success departments within AgencyAnalytics.

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