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PPC Reporting Tool

Quickly and easily create comprehensive, cross-channel PPC reports that showcase your agency’s full marketing impact. Combine valuable PPC data from multiple ad platforms into professional PPC reports designed for marketing agencies.

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PPC Analytics
Optimize your PPC performance and ad creatives by automatically monitoring PPC KPIs
Highlight ROI
Prominently display conversion-related metrics to showcase your agency's value
Cross-Channel PPC Reporting
Report on all of your client’s ad networks in a single, streamlined PPC report
White Label
PPC reports featuring your agency's logo and branding

PPC Reporting on Multiple Platforms

Automated PPC Reporting for Digital Agencies

Creating manual reports with spreadsheets and screenshots is time consuming, especially when you have multiple clients. Streamline your client reporting and automatically pull in all of your client data across multiple social media and PPC networks like Google Ads, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, and more–all in one place. Schedule reports and always stay on top of deadlines.

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Automated PPC Reporting for Digital Agencies

Monitor Clicks, Impressions, Cost & CPC

All Your PPC Analytics in One Report

Track and monitor all your clients’ important KPIs across every PPC channel in a fraction of the time. Analyze clicks, impressions, ad spend, campaign costs, CPC, conversion rate, and more. All your marketing data updates in real time–from the campaign level all the way down to individual ads and keywords! Provide beautiful visualizations for key metrics with a single click and easily show clients your overall PPC performance.

All Your PPC Analytics in One Report

Highlight the Value Your Agency Provides

Show Clients the ROI You’re Delivering

Clearly display your clients' ROAS to prove your agency’s worth. Increase customer retention, get more leads, and reduce churn. Your comprehensive PPC reports include prominent ROI metrics as well as a dedicated conversions section to clearly demonstrate your agency’s PPC performance.

Show Clients the ROI You’re Delivering
With AgencyAnalytics we're able to pull in PPC, social, call, and SEO data into the same platform allowing our clients a single sign-on to view their entire marketing efforts with us.
Regina Sirko
Regina Sirko

Streamline Your PPC Reporting and Scale Your Agency

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Impress Clients with Steady Gains

Showcase Improvement Over Time

A weekly or monthly performance snapshot has its place, but most clients want to see their performance and revenue improving as time goes on. Custom PPC reports make it easy to compare historical performance and showcase improvement month over month. Integrate with over 70marketing channels for full-picture reporting.

Showcase Improvement Over Time

Add a Custom PPC Margin

Include Your Markup in All PPC Reports

Many PPC marketers and agencies charge PPC clients a percentage of total spend. Showing clients your agency's gross PPC cost can lead to unnecessary questions and confusion. Easily set up your markup in all client-facing PPC cost reports and spend less time on customer support. Take your marketing reports a step further by creating custom metrics for more in-depth professional reports.

Include Your Markup in All PPC Reports

Tell An Intuitive Story With Your PPC Data

Add Annotations & Create Goals to Your Reporting Tool

Tell a story with your paid channel data by adding annotations and goals to your line charts and date-based column chart. This is a great conversion reporting tool that also helps you point out specific changes, set PPC marketing goals, and keep clients up-to-date with the progress in the most intuitive way possible.

Add Annotations & Create Goals to Your Reporting Tool

Your Logo, Brand Colors and Custom URL

White Label PPC Reporting Templates

Both automated reports and custom dashboards feature a variety of simple and intuitive white label options. Personalize each custom PPC report or live dashboard by adding your logo, color, and even host the dashboard on your own website domain. Your agency will consistently send out the best PPC reports, while your clients will think you built the entire platform in-house!

White Label PPC Reporting Templates
AgencyAnalytics has exactly what I need in terms of cost-effectiveness, ease of use, white label reporting & competitive features.
Carlton Smith
Carlton Smith / Flagstone Search Marketing

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