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New Integration: Vendasta

You can now access your Vendasta reputation management data directly within AgencyAnalytics!

Integrate now to see all of your clients' Vendasta insights, reviews, and mentions shown on dashboards and in reports! This new integration allows you to show your clients exactly what people are saying about them online, and keeps you up-to-date on the quality and accuracy of listings.

Importantly, we've ensured this integration is fully white labeled, so your clients won't know they're seeing Vendasta data when viewing any dashboard or report. The name of the integration automatically changes to "Reviews" as soon as you connect it, just like our other reviews integrations.

You'll see Vendasta as an option under "Reviews" in each campaign's left side menu. Simply follow the prompts to connect the Vendasta integration, and you're good to go!

Let's take a quick look at exactly which Vendasta metrics you can access now:

First up, you'll notice three new dashboards covering Vendasta insights, reviews, and mentions. Our insights dashboard shows a breakdown of your ratings and reviews, including where they're coming from and the top keywords used.

You'll also see insights on your listings and citations. This includes information on visibility and accuracy across different listing types, and a full list of where a client is visible online.

On the next two dashboards, you'll see a full list of the reviews and mentions your client has received across the web, based on the exact date range you choose.

Don't forget that you can add all of the above to your client reports, to give clients a highly detailed overview of their reputation across the web!

Vendasta is just one of the many new integrations we're releasing over next few months, so stay tuned for more exciting updates. As always, if there's something you'd like to see (or if you have any questions or comments), don't hesitate to reach out to!

Written by

Matthew Davis

Matt brings over a decade of experience managing customer-facing teams, projects, and research across a wide range of industries. He now leads the customer support and customer success departments within AgencyAnalytics.

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