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New Feature: Single-Metric Google Sheets Widgets

One of the most common "pain points" that our customers bring to us is the need to display custom data in client dashboards. And until now, it simply hasn't been possible.

Last month, we took a step in the direction of a solution by releasing custom text widgets for the dashboards. And today, we're moving another step closer to providing a wide array of custom dashboard data options.

We're thrilled to announce that we've just released a single-metric Google Sheets widget for our client marketing dashboards!

You can now display the contents of a single cell from a Google Sheet in a "Stat" style widget, complete with a caption, on any client marketing dashboard.

Total webinar registrants metric

Possible use cases would include pulling in data on content marketing, webinar registrations, 3rd party integrations that we don't natively support, or just about any other single data point that you can imagine.

This is just a starting point. As we proceed into the remainder of 2018, we'll be adding support for additional widget styles that pull data from Google Sheets, including widgets that will compile your Google Sheets data into custom charts and graphs.

In the long term (2019 and beyond) we plan to focus even more heavily on allowing customers to pull in custom data, with options moving beyond raw data held in a Google Sheet. More on that down the road!

For now, you can add these new single metric Google Sheets "Stat" widgets in the same way that you would add any other widget.

First, make sure that you've connected the Google Sheets integration to the campaign where you'd like to add the widget.

Once you've connected the integration and you're ready to add a Google Sheets widget, click "Add Widget".

Add widget AgencyAnalytics

Next, drill down through Misc --> Google Sheets --> Stat. Click on "Stat", and then click "Add Widget".

Add widget gif

Your widget will then appear in your dashboard, but you're not done yet! Next you'll need to select a Google Sheet from your account, and configure any other customization options.

To do so, make sure your dashboard is in "Edit mode", then click the "gear" icon on your Google Sheets widget.

Edit mode AgencyAnalytics

Next, select the Google Sheet from your account that you'd like to work with from the dropdown, give your widget a caption/title, and choose the cell within the sheet that holds the data point that you'd like to display. Optionally, configure the color and theme as you would with any dashboard widget. Finally, click "Save Settings".

Connect Google Sheets widget

That's it! Your widget will then appear on your dashboard with the settings that you've chosen. From here, you can move the widget around and resize it to fit the rest of your dashboard layout.

Click here to check out our Knowledgebase article with complete instructions on working with the new single-metric Google Sheets widgets.

We hope that you're as excited as we are about this new widget, and about the additional custom widgets coming down the pike throughout 2018 and 2019.

Did you know that we have a YouTube channel that features tutorials, webinars, and advanced reporting tips? Check it out here, and don't forget to subscribe!

Questions? Feedback? Don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly support either through your AgencyAnalytics portal, or at

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