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New Feature: “Reviews” Analytics with Yext and BirdEye

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our long awaited “Reviews” section!

You can now track and report on reviews from around the web for your customer’s sites via Yext and BirdEye. You’ll find this new section below the “Email” section in the dark, left-hand side navigation bar for each campaign (hint: if you don’t see it, refresh your browser!)

Reviews dashboard

As with most of our integrations, you’ll need a Yext or BirdEye account in order to connect and pull data into our platform.

Local business reviews from sites like Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor can impact both your customer’s SEO rankings and their reputation and branding in the marketplace. With the wide range of review engines out there, it can be difficult to keep tabs on each one individually. Even if you happen to have labor hours to devote to manually monitoring the major review engines, it’s easy to get blindsided by a negative review from a lesser-known site which suddenly surges in the SERPs, appearing on page 1 for a brand related keyword.

Yext and BirdEye let you measure and act on ratings and reviews at scale.

Let’s take a quick tour! First, check out this overview video, where we’ll walk you through each of the available metrics for BirdEye and Yext, using my usual cheesy “game show host” voice 🙂

BirdEye offers a suite of tools for review aggregation, monitoring, and management. We’ve focused our BirdEye integration around their Review Monitoring feature.

Birdeye homepage

Once you connect BirdEye to a campaign, you’ll find a variety of crucial review analytics data points under the “Overview” tab. You’ll also notice that the integration is white labeled after the initial connection has occurred, and will not refer to “BirdEye” specifically, in order to enhance your branding.

AgencyAnalytics reviews dashboard

The available graphs in the Overview tab include:

Total Aggregate Rating

Ratings metric

Number of Reviews, broken down by star level

Review tracking AgencyAnalytics

Reviews by Source

Reviews by source

Average Rating by Date

Average rating dashboard

Sentiments by Date

Review sentiment tracking

The new BirdEye integration also comes complete with a “Reviews” feed, where you can scroll through and monitor individual reviews as they come in. Click any review to jump to the hosting site.

Review monitoring tool

Yext provides a broad suite of tools for online brand management. We’ve focused our integration around their “Reviews” module:

Yext reviews

Yext tends to be a bit pricey compared to BirdEye, but offers the most robust suite of review analytics in the industry. Just like our BirdEye integration, the Yext integration is 100% white labeled once you finish setting it up.

We’ve broken the wide array of metrics available via Yext into tabs providing an Overview, review Reach, Engagement, Demographics, and a Reviews Feed:

Reviews dashboard overview

The “Overview” tab helps you to see the big picture, with an average rating widget, total new listings, reviews by star level, and average rating and new reviews by date:

Reviews dashboard gif

Jump over to “Reach” to see a breakdown of both Searches and Views by source as a percentage of total…

Google searches dashboard

…as well as over time:

Searches for Burger King

The Engagement section helps you to leverage the deep customer behavior analytics available via Google, Yelp, and other top review sites, letting you visualize a host of metrics in bold, full color.

Metrics include:

  • Call sources as a percentage of total calls

  • Calls over time

  • Average calls by hour

  • Driving directions requests by source

  • Driving directions request over time

  • Clicks to website by source

  • Click to website over time

Review tracking tool

Gain insights into the audience behind your reviews in the Demographics tab, where we break down views by age and gender, and searches by device:

Review dashboard

Finally, jump over our to our user friendly Reviews Feed where, similar to our BirdEye integration, both you and your clients can monitor reviews in real time and click to jump to the page hosting the original review:

Review monitoring tool

This new Reviews integration has been another of our most highly suggested new features over the course of the past few years, with hardly a week going by where a customer didn’t message us asking about reporting on reviews in general, or a specific reviews aggregator specifically.

We realize that there are a wide variety of review aggregators in use by our customers, and that not everyone uses Yext or BirdEye. However, our research has shown that between these two, we’re able to cover the aggregators used by a large percentage of our customers.

We plan to roll out native Google and Facebook review aggregation down the road (which will allow for basic reviews reporting without the need for a 3rd party subscription) as well as the inclusion of 2-3 other smaller review aggregators as time goes on.

As an aside, we’re gearing up for another major “push” (similar to this summer) where we’ll be wrapping up development work on new integrations and feature updates and rolling them out in rapid succession. Look for some of the biggest overhauls of existing dashboard areas that we’ve implemented in years over the course of December and January, as well as several new and exciting integrations (like this one!) that are brand new to our platform.

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