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New Feature: Multiple White Label Profiles

Christmas has come early... We've just released multiple white label profiles for all Agency & Enterprise accounts!

This feature is PERFECT for mid-size and large agencies who:

  • Maintain more than one brand

  • Resell SEO services to other agencies

  • Want to co-brand their reporting and dashboards with their customers

  • Want to brand dashboards/reports with their customers' logo/colors instead of their own

Let's take a quick tour, shall we?

To configure custom logos and brand colors for a specific campaign, click the "gear" icon next to the campaign name at the top of your screen, and choose "white label".

White label marketing dashboard

From there, upload a custom interface and report logo, and edit the campaign's brand colors.

White label dropdown AgencyAnalytics

Once you've configured separate white label profiles, you'll see the logos and color scheme switch when toggling between campaigns.

Multiple white label GIF

Brands shown are for illustration purposes only, and have no affiliation with AgencyAnalytics.

No separate steps are required to display the campaign level branding to client users. Any clients with access to a specific campaign will see the branding configured for that campaign.

The core white label settings at the account level still exist, and you can access them as you've always done.

White label reporting platform

FAQs about this new feature:

Q) What are the differences between the campaign and account level white label settings?

A) Campaign level white label settings are used for applying logos and colors to individual campaigns.

Account level white label settings are used for:

  • Top level account views for the admin and staff, where no specific campaign has been selected

  • A default for campaigns where a custom white labeling profile hasn't been created

  • Custom domain/sub-domain settings (Campaign level white labeling does NOT include separate domains/sub-domains. If you need separate white labeled custom URLs, please use our Linked Accounts feature.)

Q) Should I use Linked Accounts or this multiple white label features?

A) This multiple white label feature is best for agencies who:

  • Are on the Agency or Enterprise membership plan, or for whom it makes sense to upgrade

  • Maintain separate brands, and want to present different branding to different clients

  • Want to co-brand with their logo and the client's logo

  • Want to brand dashboards/reports with their customers' logo/colors instead of their own

  • Don't need a separate custom URL for each campaign

The Linked Accounts feature is best for agencies who:

  • Provide value added services to other agencies (SEO, PPC, lead gen etc) and offer the dashboard to their customer agencies as part of their sales package.

  • Aren't on the Enterprise package and for whom it wouldn't make financial sense to upgrade

  • Need a separate custom URL for each campaign

Q) I currently have several linked accounts, but want to condense them into one account to take advantage of this multiple white label feature. Is there an easy or automated way to do so?

A) Not at this time. You'd need to use our export and import process to move your data between accounts.

Q) Should I upgrade to Agency or Enterprise to take advantage of this feature?

A) Treat yo self ;-)

Q) Can I purchase this feature as an add-on to another package?

A) That option isn't currently available, but we'll likely offer it down the road.

Q) How do I co-brand with the client's logo and my agency's logo?

A) You'd need to use an image editor to artfully combine the two logos, then upload them as one file.

We hope you LOVE the new multiple white label feature! Questions? Feedback? Don't hesitate to leave a comment, or to reach out to our support team at

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Trever Clark

Communications Director at AgencyAnalytics. Passionate about: SaaS onboarding, customer success, and home-distilling artisanal whiskies like a true Grand Rapids hipster.

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