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All-New DialogTech Integration

With DialogTech, our long list of digital marketing integrations continues to grow. In fact, we just hit 50 integrations! 

Our all-new DialogTech integration gives your agency even more reporting options. 

This addition makes it easy for you to monitor and share critical call data with your clients, both in automated reports and on live dashboards. 

We're celebrating this week at AgencyAnalytics, because our DialogTech integration brings us to 50 total integrations and tools. We're not stopping there either... Our development team are busier than ever, working on even more ways to improve our platform! 

Integrating DialogTech

DialogTech is available right now via your "Integrations" dashboard, so jump in and connect it if you use this great call tracking platform. Once connected, DialogTech will appear under "Call Tracking" in your campaign's left-side menu.

DialogTech Report & Dashboard Metrics

We've added all of the key DialogTech call metrics that agencies need to report on.

First up, you'll find clear charts and comparisons of answered vs. missed calls, total call counts, and call sources. These allow you to monitor everything at a glance, and they give your clients an easy way to understand their data.

We also show tables covering all DialogTech calls within your chosen date range. Table metrics include:

  • Call date

  • Phone number

  • Call duration

  • Caller name

  • Address, city, state & zipcode

  • Device type

  • Call status

  • Domain

  • Keywords

DialogTech tables can be set to show or hide any of those metrics, and you can easily sort by any metric ascending or descending.

DialogTech Client Reports

All of the above data can be added to automated call tracking reports, so you can set and forget your weekly or monthly agency reporting. 

If you're not a current subscriber, try everything free for 14 days here to see how much time you'll save.

You can easily drop a DialogTech report page into any existing client report via our pre-made DialogTech report section. Like always, you can then customize your reports to show the exact data you need. 

If you need more control, you can add individual DialogTech widgets to any report page, or build report pages entirely from scratch. This allows you to present your client's call tracking data alongside other marketing channels like our local business integrations, email tracking, paid advertisements, SEO tools, social media performance, and more.

DialogTech Dashboards

If you prefer to give clients even deeper access to their call data, you can let them access it via live dashboards. Clients can view all of their calls via the live "Call Tracking" menu option (or via a custom dashboard you've built), and they can also browse any other marketing channels that you give them access to.

Importantly, we've made sure clients can listen to call recordings directly from our interface. Simply click the headphones 🎧 icon next to any call in the table on the DialogTech dashboard, and the audio will be available in the slide-out panel that appears on the right.

Our pre-made DialogTech dashboards are fully set up, right out of the box. As well as these, don't forget to add DialogTech widgets to your custom dashboards, so your team and clients can view all of your most important marketing metrics on one screen.

Level-Up Your DialogTech Reporting With AgencyAnalytics 

Of course, AgencyAnalytics provides more than simply pulling in call tracking information. DialogTech is just one of our 50 marketing and SEO channels, designed to save agencies a lot of time via all-in-one client reporting and live dashboards. 

When adding DialogTech, don't forget to combine this integration with some of our other powerful agency features. 

If you haven't used our goals and annotations yet, it's the perfect opportunity: These allow you to point out call targets, highlight achievements, and tell stories directly on your charts.

Level-up your reporting even more by adding notes, images, and links via textboxes, to clearly show how your agency is adding value to your client's business. 

You can also use our cross-campaign reporting to add multiple different DialogTech accounts or clients to a single report! 

Along with DialogTech, we're working to implement Delacon and Twilio call tracking too. Stay tuned for these, along with a lot of other exciting integrations and updates in the very near future! 

As always, if you have any questions (or just want to chat), don't hesitate to start a conversation with our team right now.

Written by

Matthew Davis

Matt brings over a decade of experience managing customer-facing teams, projects, and research across a wide range of industries. He now leads the customer support and customer success departments within AgencyAnalytics.

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