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New Delacon Integration

This week, we've added Delacon to our ever-growing listing of integrations!

Our Delacon integration gives you access to even more options for call tracking and analytics reporting. Let's take a look at how to set up your Delacon integration and what's available. 

Integrating Delacon

The first step to set up the Delacon integration is to navigate to the campaign that you'd like to connect, and from there click on "Integrations" from the menu on the left hand side.

From there, click on Delacon from the list of integrations.

After you click "Connect New Account", you'll then be asked for your API key, which you can find via the instructions provided in Delacon's Client Reporting Integration documentation

Once you've added your API key the integration is complete and Delacon will appear under "Call Tracking" in your campaign's left-side menu.

Delacon Report & Dashboard Metrics

We've added all the essential Delacon call metrics that agencies need to report on.

First off, we have charts and comparisons for answered vs. missed calls, total call counts, and call sources. These metrics allow you to monitor your call tracking data at a glance and provide your clients with an easy way to access their data.

We also show tables covering all Delacon calls within a given date range. Table metrics include:

  • Call date

  • Phone number

  • Call answered

  • Call result

  • Call duration

  • Call source

  • Landing page

  • Keywords

Each Delacon table can be set to show or hide any of those metrics, and you can sort any metric in ascending or descending order.

Delacon Call Recordings

If you choose to go with a live dashboard for your Delacon data, you can provide clients with their own login and set granular permissions so they only see what you want them to. 

With a live call tracking dashboard, your clients will also have access to all their call recordings directly from our interface. In order to listen to a recording, simply click on the 🎧  icon next to the Call Date and the audio will be available in a slide-out panel that appears on the right.

Automated Delacon Reporting

If you decide to go with a call tracking report instead of a live dashboard, you can put everything on autopilot by scheduling automated reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

To do so, you can also easily add a Delacon report page into an existing client report with our pre-made Delacon report section. As always, you can customize each report with individual Delacon widgets and present your call tracking data alongside our 50+ marketing integrations including SEO, PPC, social, and more.

Data Storytelling with AgencyAnalytics

After you've integrated your account with Delacon, keep in mind that you can combine this feature with our other powerful agency features. In particular, our new goals and annotations feature allows you to tell a compelling story with your call tracking data. 

For example, goals and annotations allow you to highlight campaign launches, optimizations, and targets. As you can see, adding notes, images, and links to your graphs allows you to clearly demonstrate the value of your services.

Thanks to all of our subscribers who requested a Delacon integration! As always, if you have any questions (or just want to chat), don't hesitate to start a conversation with our team right now.

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Peter Foy

Peter Foy is a content marketer with a focus on SaaS companies. Based in Toronto, when he’s not writing he’s usually studying data science and machine learning.

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