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Just Released: SSL for White Labeled Custom Domains

SSL/HTTPS is now available for all customers using our white labeled "custom domains" option!

HTTPS secure

We've had a ton of requests for this feature over the past year or so, but just due to our specific server configuration, it was more difficult to implement than it would have appeared on the surface. Our lead developer has been working on this update for the past 3 months, and when he announced this morning that the rollout was complete, this was literally the dance that our CEO did in the office:

While the HTTPS protocol was first released in the mid-90s, it was historically used only by websites that processed financial information. That really changed in 2016, as the Internet reached a tipping point with over 50% of all page load requests being HTTPS encrypted. At the same time, over the past 24 months, the technology finally improved so that speed issues with HTTPS were no longer a concern. In January of 2017, Chrome 56 began flagging all unencrypted sites with login fields – including custom domains built on our platform – as "not secure".

We had planned a move to encryption on our custom domains for quite some time, but that decision by Chrome really forced our hands, and resulted in our development team moving the project up by a few months.

There's no action required to utilize the new HTTPS option for custom domains. Any existing custom domains on our platform, and any that are created in the future, will now have HTTPS enabled by default.

More information on our "custom domains" option:

White labeled custom domains are available to all customers on our "TEAM" membership plan and above:

AgencyAnalytics pricing

When you configure a custom domain, you can further complete the "white label illusion" by having your client and staff users login at a domain that matches your branding.

Check out this great article from our Knowledgebase for instructions on setting up a custom domain, and this video for a full overview of our white labeling options:

We hope that this change helps you to present an even more professional looking dashboard to your customers!

If you have any questions about the new SSL feature for custom domains, please contact our friendly support team through your admin or staff dashboard inside your AgencyAnalytics account.

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Trever Clark

Communications Director at AgencyAnalytics. Passionate about: SaaS onboarding, customer success, and home-distilling artisanal whiskies like a true Grand Rapids hipster.

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