Improve your client’s reputation management with a scalable and intuitive reporting dashboard.

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Average Rating
Analyze average ratings across multiple time frames
Customer Sentiment
Monitor the breakdown of positive, neutral and negative sentiment
Source Analysis
Leverage top review sources to optimize for additional positive ratings
Live Reviews
Monitor new reviews from right within the dashboard

Reports and analysis for customer reviews

Streamlined Reputation Management

Keep tabs on current customer sentiment. Leverage historical trends to optimize for higher ratings. Show clients the exact state of their business's online reputation in an intuitive marketing dashboard.

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Streamlined Reputation Management

Every review from hundreds of sites across the web

Track Ratings and Reviews by Source

With the proliferation of review sites in recent years, reputation management at scale can pose a challenge for even agencies of a modest size. Our Grade Us dashboard automatically pulls in reviews from hundreds of sites across the web, saving you time and money so that you can focus on activities that generate revenue.

Track Ratings and Reviews by Source

Graphical analysis of positive, neutral & negative reviews

Monitor Customer Sentiment

Overall customer sentiment and brand reputation can fluctuate based on a variety of factors, and can change in a heartbeat. Visualize current or historical customer sentiment over any given time period. Cross-reference this data to past client business events to prepare for future reputation shifts.

Monitor Customer Sentiment

Monitor Reviews from one Central Location

Engage In Real Time

Customers expect businesses to engage in real-time, 24 / 7. Read reviews from any site across the web instantly, from one centralized location. React quickly to negative reviews and defuse potential problems before they escalate. Similarly, react asap to positive reviews to turn happy customers into lifelong fans.

Engage In Real Time

Every Marketing Channel in One Place

Cross-Channel Marketing Reports

Opening 50 different browser tabs just to track all of your marketing efforts is a thing of the past. View every marketing channel for every client in a single interface, and switch between customers with a single click. Grade Us, PPC, SEO, social media and more all in a single reporting platform.

Cross-Channel Marketing Reports

Connect the integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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