Google Display & Video 360

Beautiful, informative dashboards to really impress your clients

A screenshot of the Google Display and Video 360 integration on AgencyAnalytics
In-depth Analysis
Deep-dive and analyze your creative performance
Monitor Campaign Performance
Keep an eye on how your campaigns are performing
Automate Your Reports
Send client reports at a cadence that suits you and them
Build Custom Dashboards
Beautiful, intuitive dashboards tailored to your clients

In-Depth Google Display & Video 360 Dashboards

Report on your campaigns, creatives, and line items within your dashboard - get both at-a-glance and in-depth analysis depending on what each individual client prefers!

View the Google Display & Video 360 Template
In-Depth Google Display & Video 360 Dashboards
Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available Google Display & Video 360 Metrics

See all the metrics you can easily add to your client reports and marketing dashboards

Automate Your Reporting

Send client and internal reports to the right people at the right time - whenever suits both you and them. Automate your Google Display and Video reports to send on a cadence that works!

Automate Your Reporting

24/7 Client Access

When your client is burning the midnight oil and needs access to their data, give them an easy login to the dashboards that they need. 24/7 on-demand data is just what they want!

24/7 Client Access

Consolidated Marketing Reports

Combine your Google Display & Video with other data from various integrations to get a true, holistic view of how your campaigns are running.

Consolidated Marketing Reports

Connect the Google Display & Video 360 integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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