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The Mammoth Upgrade to Google Ads Reporting

If you've checked out our blog, From Beginner to Pro: 21 Free Google Ads Tutorials, you're probably a Google Ads expert by now.

This week, we've launched a mammoth update to our Google Ads integration. 40 new metrics to report on, new sections to filter data by, and an easy-to-navigate metrics list. Let's dig in and see what you can do with this exciting new update!

Integrating Google Ads

Firstly (and if you haven't already), you can integrate Google Ads through our easy integration connections. Click 'Integrations' in the left-hand menu of your desired campaign, then click on 'Google Ads'.

If you have already integrated and are reporting on Google Ads, this update will automatically be applied to your dashboards and reports.

New Metrics Categories

We've now grouped our metrics by categories, meaning that it's far easier for you to find the metric that you are looking for. The new metrics fall into the following categories:

  • Attributes

  • Competitive

  • Conversions

  • Performance

  • Viewability

Explore these categories to find the new, in-depth metrics that you can now use to prove your marketing value to your clients!

We've also made it so that it's only possible to select a metric associated with the section you are currently on. For example in the 'Campaign' section you will be able to select the 'Budget' metric, but not in the 'Ad Group' section.

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New Sections

The next part of this huge update involves brand new sections that you can filter your data by.



The new sections included in this update are:

  • Keywords - Search Terms

  • Demographics - Age, Gender, Location, Device

  • Placement

  • Calls

  • Videos

These new sections will give you even further granular insights and data that you can use for your clients' Google Ads campaigns.

Use our free Google Ads Dashboard template as a basis for your Google ads report, and build around it to provide the metrics and data that your clients really want to see.

Combine your Google Ads reporting with the rest of your clients' PPC efforts in a comprehensive PPC dashboard to get a true picture of how PPC is performing for you!

Written by

Alex Girardi

Alex is in product marketing, pushing the great work from the engineering team out into the world. When he's not marketing, he's probably rock climbing or researching the latest eCommerce trends!

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