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Final Summer Update for Social Modules: LinkedIn

July and August have been a sprint for the AgencyAnalytics team, as we've been on a self-imposed deadline to overhaul each of our social media modules before the end of summer.

To recap, we've already updated Facebook (July 25th), Instagram (August 1st), YouTube (August 8th), and Twitter (August 15th). Since we first released these social modules a couple of years ago, each of these platforms has released an array of new metrics to help marketers better engage with and grow their customers' audiences. And with these updates, we've not only modernized the look and feel of the dashboards, we've also brought many of these new metrics in and made them available within our platform.

Today, we're excited to announce that LinkedIn is the latest and final module to get a face lift! Start tracking in-depth Linkedin Analytics with our new design.

Those who are familiar with our other social modules will recognize the basic theme, with data broken out by Engagement, Demographics, and "Feed":

LinkedIn marketing dashboard

Compare the look to our old LinkedIn module (below), and you'll appreciate how much more modern this update feels:

LinkedIn marketing dashboard

The new LinkedIn integration starts with the "Engagement" tab, which provides an overview of Total Followers and a breakdown of Paid versus Organic followers:

… as well as organic and paid followers over time…

LinkedIn followers over time

…clicks and impressions…

Clicks and impressions reporting

…and "Social Actions", which include comments, likes, and shares:

Social actions

Clicking over to the "Demographics" tab, you'll find your audience broken down into a variety of demographic metrics, including Country, Company Size, Seniority Level, Job Function, and Industry:

LinkedIn demographics reporting

The "Feed" tab is in the same familiar, scrollable, modernized format that you'll recognize from our other social modules:

We hope you love the new look and metrics for LinkedIn and all of our social modules! We'll be focusing on projects and updates outside of the "social" realm for awhile (check out our roadmap at this link), but we'll circle back to the social modules before the end of the year, bringing you updates in our "Feed" and "Overview" modules, as well as a brand new Pinterest integration!

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Trever Clark

Communications Director at AgencyAnalytics. Passionate about: SaaS onboarding, customer success, and home-distilling artisanal whiskies like a true Grand Rapids hipster.

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