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Building a Growth Platform for Marketing Agencies

AgencyAnalytics Growth for Marketing Agencies

2022! Another year, another chance to improve upon the past and welcome new changes. Last year you saw quite a few major updates and improvements to our automated reporting platform to help make your agency even more efficient and reliable for your clients.Over 11 years ago, Blake and I launched our company as My SEO Tool and have come a long way since then! Unless you count a kitchen table as an office, we moved into our first real office in 2013 which was slightly bigger than a broom closet. This was where Blake, Jesse, and I really dove into our passion. It took us until 2017 to reach a team of 7 and now we have 50 employees worldwide – and are still hiring!

Today, AgencyAnalytics proudly serves 4900+ agencies, 120000+ agency clients and has created over 2.6 million reports to date. A big thank you goes out to our customer base who trusts and relies on us to scale their agency and get the job done.

Our success is largely due to the team of happy people who have helped build a rich and fun culture here. We plan to continue to nurture this culture and grow to a team of 100 by the end of the year.

Scaling to that size in a relatively short time requires our leadership team to provide our people with clarity of vision, mission, and values. A challenge that is new to me but eager to take it head-on. We have never been more ready!

Meanwhile, the mission remains the same: To be the best ‘Growth Platform for Marketing Agencies’.

The company values that serve to see us through to our goals are:

  1. Be passionate about the success of our customers and co-workers

  2. Get the right things done

  3. Strive for simplicity and iterate to get there

  4. Learn, grow, and adapt to change

  5. Communicate and collaborate freely and efficiently

  6. Contribute ideas and take initiative

Our main vision has always been to deliver a great product with exceptional customer service. We aim to make you smile! Much of our hiring will be focused on engineering and product. We have always been a product-led company and nothing motivates me more than to keep making the product better.

With more features and updates on the way, here are some things to look forward to in 2022:

  • More Integrations – By summer we plan to be on pace to release at least 1 new integration per month

  • Improved Reports - Building and delivering reports will be much easier and look much better

  • Notifications – Adding a much-needed notification system so you only need to react when something needs your attention

  • Site Auditor Upgrade – Making our site auditor even better with more tests and usability improvements

  • Google Sheets – Giving you an easy way to bring data in and out of a google sheet

  • Rank Tracker Upgrade – Providing more intuitive, data-driven keyword reports for you and your clients

  • Aggregated Campaigns – Automatically combining metrics from multiple integrations

  • Data Warehousing – Be able to export your data into popular databases like BigQuery

  • And of course much more as we dive further into our growth

We encourage you to continue giving us your feedback so that we can ensure you meet your goals with the best product for your needs. Remember, we are here to make your job easier and get rid of the tedious side of marketing analytics altogether.

Thank You, Loyal Customers

In closing, I would like to thank all our loyal customers. You are busy marketing professionals facing a thousand decisions each day and have trusted us to help bring your agencies to success. Your support means everything. Wishing you all a successful year to come!

Written by

Joe Kindness

Joe started his career as a developer and since has created many internet businesses. He has now moved on to the position of CEO and has enjoyed all the challenges it has brought.

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