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Put Your Client Reporting on Autopilot

Tired of wasting billable hours manually creating client reports every month? Build automated marketing reports in minutes & speed up your agency’s data-retrieval and reporting workflow.

How to Schedule Automated Client Reports

Automated Client Reporting for Marketing Agencies

Streamline your client reporting to scale your agency. Set up your first report for each client and put the entire process on autopilot with a simple and scalable report scheduling and approval process.
automated client reporting for agencies
70+ Integrations
No more switching between platforms. Automatically include all your clients’ latest marketing data in one place
Fully Customizable
The drag and drop report builder offers complete customization so you can build reports how you want
White Labeled
Created fully branded reports featuring your logo, colors, and even host them on your own domain
100% Automated
Automate your client's data collection and simplify reporting by scheduling reports to go out on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis


Create Customized Client Reports in Minutes

Choose from dozens of prebuilt reports and dashboard templates including SEO, PPC, Social Media, and more. Customize your white labeled dashboards and reports with an easy-to-use drag and drop report builder. Turn live marketing dashboards into professional client reports in a few clicks.

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Create Customized Client Reports in Minutes


Automated Report Scheduling & Approval

With all of your client's marketing data automatically populated, easily flip powerful client dashboards into beautiful reports in minutes. Use the report scheduling feature to put your reporting on autopilot and send client reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. On select plans, get notified before each report is sent out for your final approval and expert commentary.

Automated Report Scheduling & Approval

Choose from 70+ integrations

All Your Clients’ Marketing Metrics In One Place

Stop wasting time switching between platforms and bring all your clients' data under one roof. Connect to any of 70+ integrations, including today's most popular marketing platforms, for real-time data automatically updated in live dashboards. Create custom metrics to blend data across campaigns to showcase growth and ROI.

All Your Clients' Marketing Metrics In One Place


Personalize Your Marketing Reports

Give each client a personalized experience by adding your expert commentary to each report. Craft an executive summary, make recommendations, or tell a story with the data. With automed data-retrieval and report creation processes, focus your time on providing personalized insights, actionable context, and professional advice.

Personalize Your Marketing Reports
There are so many features and they are all very easy to use. Having monthly reports sent to clients automatically couldn't be better. Clients are happy, I'm happy!
Angus Ewart
Angus Ewart / Digital Marketing Director


Cross-Campaign Reporting

Cross-campaign reporting keeps your team updated on all clients in one place, covering each client's key metrics to ensure you’re hitting all your goals. For clients with multiple websites or locations, aggregate their data into a single client report to provide a complete overview of your agency’s work.

Cross-Campaign Reporting


Show Clients You’re Hitting their Marketing Goals

Communicate your success at a glance with the Goals widget. The visual progress bar shows exactly how your efforts are trending against key marketing objectives. Break down your monthly performance targets into day-to-day action items and keep your team on track. Apply Goals to any metric and show clients exactly how they’re progressing towards their performance targets.

Show Clients You’re Hitting their Marketing Goals


Stay On Top of Your Reporting

Schedule client reports to send automatically, or deliver them via email anytime. Plus, instantly email a report from any dashboard to quickly notify your clients or team of changes as soon as they happen. Retain control by seeing exactly when reports have been opened or clicked to make sure your clients are engaging with your agency reports.

Stay On Top of Your Reporting

Streamline Your Agency’s Workflows With Automated Reporting.

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