Ahrefs Reports

Add Ahrefs backlink data to beautiful client reports, and track live updates via cross-channel dashboards.

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Automated Ahrefs Reports
Instantly share Ahrefs backlink data alongside all other marketing & SEO channels
Real-Time Dashboards
Staff and clients can monitor their backlinks anytime via live Ahrefs dashboards
Ahrefs Backlink Analytics
Customizable Ahrefs widgets let you share summary stats or dive deep into details
Make Your Agency Shine
We’ve got the right tools to free your time, impress your clients, and scale your agency

Simple Data For Clients, Deep Analytics For Agencies

Powerful Ahrefs Analytics

Five dedicated Ahrefs dashboards, plus dozens of Ahrefs widgets to create your own: We've got the tools for agencies to dive deep into backlinks while reporting clear and straightforward metrics to clients. Regardless of which side you're on, everything is presented in a clean and powerful interface.

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Powerful Ahrefs Analytics
Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available Ahrefs Metrics

See all the metrics you can easily add to your client reports and marketing dashboards

70+ Integrations & Tools To Supercharge Your Client Reporting

Ahrefs Reports For Agencies

Our all-in-one reporting platform is built for online agencies. Automatically report Ahrefs backlinks to every client, alongside all of your other SEO and digital marketing channels! Share everything in an intuitive custom interface, and stop logging in and out of countless platforms each day.

Ahrefs Reports For Agencies

Take Ahrefs Reporting To The Next Level

Time-Saving Report Automation

Stop manually exporting backlink lists! Streamline your client report process with automation and templates. Customize Ahrefs report pages in seconds via a drag-and-drop interface, then schedule them to send daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Our fast, custom SEO reports are designed to impress.

Time-Saving Report Automation

The Complete Picture For Every Client

Not Just An Ahrefs Integration

A healthy backlink profile is just part of a strong SEO strategy. We provide a powerful organic rank tracker, SEO site audits, backlink manager, and more. Not enough? Connect analytics, PPC, social, email marketing, local, and other integrations, for a truly holistic view of each client's online presence.

Not Just An Ahrefs Integration

Fully Customizable Reports & Dashboards

Share Ahrefs Reports Your Way

Add notes, images, and comments to any report or custom dashboard. Explain data to clients, and highlight your agency's achievements across each of your marketing and SEO channels. Change the color, size, title, and position of widgets, or make your own charts with data from any source.

Share Ahrefs Reports Your Way

Show Clients Your Branding, Not Ours

White Labelled Ahrefs Reports

All reports and dashboards contain your agency's branding. Add your logo, color scheme, URL, and more. Use your own domain for the client login screen and for emailing reports. Need to co-brand? There's even an option to apply different logos for every single client.

White Labelled Ahrefs Reports

A Mobile Interface For Ahrefs Updates On The Go

Mobile Access From Anywhere

Log in to a fully white labelled mobile-friendly interface, to view Ahrefs metrics and other integrations on customizable dashboards. Clients will love easy access to the information you choose to show them, and your team will have up-to-the-second data before a big meeting or presentation.

Mobile Access From Anywhere

The All-In-One Platform For Scaling Your Agency

Tools To Fuel Your Agency’s Growth

Ahrefs reporting is just the beginning: Unlock your agency's potential with intuitive tools that save your time and impress your clients. 50+ integrations, unlimited reports and users, robust SEO tools, automation and task management, all inside a white labelled interface that puts your agency first.

Tools To Fuel Your Agency's Growth

Connect the Ahrefs integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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