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Beautiful, customized Adroll reports that will inform and amaze your clients.

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Performance Analytics
Increase ad performance with streamlined, data driven insights
Conversion Tracking
Click-through and view-through conversion metrics across multiple ad networks
Multi-Level Reports
View client statistics at the campaign, ad group & ad level
Cross-Channel Data
Leverage the AdRoll Premium Network, featuring Adwords & Facebook Ads

Adwords, Facebook & Retargeting

Comprehensive, Cross-Channel Reporting

Demonstrate the full breadth of your advertising efforts to clients. Start with a free AdRoll reporting template and customize it with your client's KPIs. Monitor and report on customer ad campaigns across the entire Adroll Premium Network, including Adwords, Facebook, and Retargeting campaigns.

View the AdRoll Template
Comprehensive, Cross-Channel Reporting
Metrics Explorer

Explore All Available AdRoll Metrics

See all the metrics you can easily add to your client reports and marketing dashboards

Full color, intuitive charts and graphs

Gorgeous Data Visualizations

Beautiful, easy to understand charts and graphs designed by UX professionals. Engage clients at a deeper level with eye-catching displays that highlight the most crucial KPIs.

Gorgeous Data Visualizations

Showcase your agency’s value

Highlight Conversion Data

Few metrics are as important to clients as conversions. Capture your client's attention with prominent, full color graphs dedicated to conversions and revenue data. Show clients the net positive impact that your agency has on their bottom line!

Highlight Conversion Data

CTR, CPM, CPA & More

Leverage Granular Cost Metrics

Next to conversions, cost is one of the most crucial KPIs that nearly all clients want to keep tabs on. Build client trust by breaking down cost along a variety of dimensions like CPA, CTR, CPM and CPC.

Leverage Granular Cost Metrics

Show Clients Their Total PPC Cost

Include Your Agency’s Mark Up

Many digital agencies charge clients a mark up on PPC spend. AgencyAnalytics makes it easy to include your mark up in all client-visible PPC data for both dashboards and reports. Configure one mark up % account wide, or add a custom % for each individual client.

Include Your Agency's Mark Up

Campaign, Ad Group and Ad Level Reporting

Simple Account Segmentation

Streamlined PPC reporting at the campaign, ad group, and ad level. Advanced, at-a-glance insights paired with intuitive, easy-to-understand reporting for your clients.

Simple Account Segmentation

Live Data Without the Information Overload

On-Demand Client Dashboard

Most clients are entrepreneurs who don't necessarily work 9 to 5. When they need fresh data for a pitch or presentation, they need it now. But often, the native Adroll dashboard leads to "information overload". Give clients the exact data they need, when they need it, with a live, custom client dashboard.

On-Demand Client Dashboard

Enhance & Optimize Your Branding

White Labeled AdRoll Reports

Add your agency name, upload your logo and customize each report to enhance your presentation. Customized reporting options that meet your brand's high standards. Advanced options for larger agencies, with a setup simple enough for one person marketing shops.

White Labeled AdRoll Reports

Connect the AdRoll integration in seconds to streamline your client reporting.

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